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Under the Bed: The Egg-estential Dilemma by Jody Keisner

Mama Henrietta, a character from one of my daughter’s books, toddles into her suburban town leaving a long line of pastel eggs behind her. Offered up as tips when she dines, as a gift to a friendly goose, as a nightlight for her 3 chicks—barely a minute goes by without Henrietta laying an egg. If […]

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Under the Bed: Enter at Your Own Risk! by Jody Keisner

The first haunted house I ever visited was the brainchild of a local Boy Scouts troop. My Brownie troop leaders must have thought that we Brownies would have good, clean, wholesome fun.  Later, I would come to realize three key mistakes my troop leaders made.  It turns out that the first mistake was assuming that […]

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It’s Mammogram Time!

Under the Bed: It’s Mammogram Time! by Jody Keisner

When I was in high school it wasn’t an unusual occurrence for a guy to stare at a girl’s breasts and gleefully exclaim, “How ‘bout them apples?” Then some jerk would invariably look at me and say, “How ‘bout them grapes?” Instead of making a joke about the offender’s anatomy that closely resembled a pencil, […]

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Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ Night Out by Jody Keisner

I was in the midst of my first serious post-college relationship when my mother wondered aloud if I was a lesbian. “But I’m dating a man,” I stammered, even though she had met him. “We went out last night.” My mother and I were snuggled on a floral loveseat in my parents’ living room, our […]

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Sexism in the Classroom

Under the Bed: Sexism in the Classroom by Jody Keisner

I had a hunch I knew who the student was from his doe-eyed stares in class. Evaluations were supposed to be anonymous, but I recognized his handwriting, too: “I’ve got it bad, so bad. I’m hot for teacher!” I stared at the teaching evaluation where he had scrawled Van Halen’s sexually charged lyrics. Had the […]

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Happy & Healthier Living by Jody Keisner

Happier & Healthier Living: The Pleasure of Walking

When I was a teenager I had a gangly body that was too clumsy for dribbling basketballs or spiking volleyballs, but I could run. My father took me out onto the country roads that surrounded the small Nebraska town where we lived, and I ran alongside his truck. Cupping his hands over his mouth like […]

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Under the Bed: Pity the Poor Spiders by Jody Keisner

Under the Bed: Pity the Poor Spiders by Jody Keisner

“the human race little knows all the sadness it causes in the insect world” Don Marquis Laura Blumenthal could tell you stories about cliff diving into the Colorado River, flying 235 feet into the air on “The Space Shot” at Adventureland, para-sailing over Lake Michigan, and flinging herself into the Texas Gulf Coast from a […]

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The First Kiss by Jody Keisner

The First Kiss

What is your sexual history anyway except scraps that expand when immersed in memory… -Bernard Cooper, “Make it Good”  Hundreds of kisses and over half a dozen suitors later, I remember my first romantic kiss like it was last night. According to scientists from the University of Toronto, you remember yours, too. First kisses, like […]

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Under the Bed: An Introduction by Jody Keisner

At nighttime, after I’ve kissed my daughter and settled her into her crib, I get on my hands and knees and peer underneath my bed. I’ve been looking under the bed for sixteen years. It’s a hard habit to break. “Are you looking for the bogeyman?” my husband jokes. He’s not far off. Bedtime would […]

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