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The Rock by Joanna Kujawa

Nell thought of her two men. She always thought about them when riding her Harley along Beach Road in Brighton. She loved the road, the luxury houses on the left, and the wild waves of the sea on the right. Yes, Tony and Ulrich. They were her alternative streams of consciousness. Tony the kid, a […]

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Fash(ion)ism by Penny O. Dartmouth

Fashion is the steel trap Luring so many girls— Pretty and self-aware— Down the bottomless pit Like the apple cider Vinegar to the fruit Fly—fashion fascism— A sweet bottomless pit The girls on the runway— Falsely denoting flight— Downward-bound instead—all Down the bottomless pit

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Mirror Mirror: The Other Side of the Glass by Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

In the middle of a small forest was a small kingdom. In the middle of the small kingdom sat a small castle. In the castle sat a small princess. It was not that her body was overly small (nor was it large), but that her spirit, and compassion left something to be desired. Her body […]

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51 Years Later by Silvi Saxena

Drips. You’re not sure what to do with them but stare, count the seconds, watch, drip. Look at the long straw coming out of the wall and into her throat, hear the hum of a motor, watch her body spontaneously convulse. Watch all the screens but the television. What a waste, a television. may as […]

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Sacrifice by Penny O. Dartmouth

O how I fail to long For Dorothy Parker’s Wit—How I fail to do The bidding of the white Volcano’s crater of White noise—Might as well live And how I weigh the skies On gold art deco scales With rope lengths of eyelash— My mind is moving out Of profane spheres into The sacred cult […]

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Writing Uninspired

I have to admit that I have written a lot of uninspired stuff in my life. As a writer it is just inevitable sometimes. Often times you do not get to say what you really feel or sometimes even get to choose what you want to write about. That is just part of the job. […]

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The Sweetest Pain by Suzanne House

Time is a fickle thing. When you are a child the summers stretch out in an endless search for mischief or a willing playmate and ice cold watermelon. It was only as I grew older that I realized those long lazy days were like dandelion seeds, here one minute and then scattered at the whim […]

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Here’s the Deal by Pat Phillips West

Every day, I drive to and from work, play Garth Brooks, If I never wake up in the morning, would she ever doubt the way I feel about her in my heart. Tuesday, I stop at the dry cleaners, pick up my red dress for an executive staff meeting. The man behind the counter is […]

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New at the Game by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

Newly widowed, she went out to a former neighbor’s home. Not so newly widowed he met her at the door with champagne. Uh oh, she thought, thought she, sat by the fire and raised her glass, reeled off a set of rules newly devised to make her feel safe. He smiled in that sweet way […]

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Beauty of a Thought by Blanche M. Jenkins

a thought can linger on and on seems to have no end and if you think, “Alas be gone!” she will appear again a thought can sometimes wonder seems for endless years and when you finally leave a thought she only disappears!

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Go Play in the Back Yard by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

Little girls race in hide & seek behind the house near a spreading oak, voices shrill as birds under green leaves. The landlord in the back seat of his car parked beside strawberries opens the door, crooks a finger of his left hand, holds right digit to lips, commands silence. One child obeys. Clambers with […]

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Eating Dead by Märta Norrby

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Into the River by Keri-Ann Pink

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Fairy Meadow by Keri-Ann Pink

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Phoenix Rising by Alexandra Caselle

The pyre is built. A nest of twigs, brittle A covenant null. Valley of dry bones No four winds to quicken them. Her henna-dyed feet prance toward the pyre. She sheds, layer by layer, the dead flesh , former conversations silenced. Cycles of five hundred days meant to cut off life are the circumcised. She […]

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Dark and Light by Cathrine Lødøen

As in mother nature
so in you.

There is day
there is night.

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Green Sky by Blanche M. Jenkins

a walk in the park he held my youth within his palms as the green stars lit the quiet night, and the gentle blades of grass embraced my innocent. i grew and the new world tickled my ripened soul with his secret love, erasing feelings of sinful guilt as my bed of grass touched the […]

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Let it Soak In by Peggy Toney Horton

As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I knew it wasn’t going to be a productive day. It was raining heavily and didn’t seem inclined to let up any time soon. At one time, gloomy days depressed me and I’d sleep most of the day, but with a little help, I adopted a […]

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