Sunday Brunch: This is the New Year


The calendar year may be a month old, but I’m a firm believer than one can mark time from whatever arbitrary point they choose. Earlier this week, while watching Glee with my husband (yes, okay, we watch Glee) I was introduced to a song that was vaguely familiar, but I’d never paid much attention to, “This is the New Year,” by Ian Axel. (Astute listeners may have noticed that it was part of the soundtrack of the movie New Year’s Eve).

“Another year you made a promise
Another chance to turn it all around
And do not save this for tomorrow
Embrace the past and you can live for now
And I will give the world to you”

As happens to me from time to time, the song caught in my brain and would not let go until I’d downloaded both the Glee cover and Ian Axel’s original track (thank you, iTunes, for feeding my need for instant gratification), and I’ve been listening to them, mostly the original, over and over, for the past two days, in much the same way as a teenager might obsessively play and replay a track that was sent to her by a guy she likes.

Except in this case, the guy I like is me.

And in “This is the New Year,” I’ve found, not a romantic tune meant for first lovers, but my anthem for this year.

“Speak louder than the words before you
And give them meaning no one else has found
The role we play is so important
We are the voices of the underground
And I would give the world to you”

Taking a leaf from my good friend Debra, I’ve chosen three guide-words for this year. Kindness is one of them, to others as well as to myself. Completion is another, because so many times I start projects that end up lying dormant. The third I’ll write about in more depth at another time, but it’s Awesome – and I mean it not in an arrogant, “Oh, I’m awesome,” kind of way, but as a way to embrace the boldness I tend to mute, and to not just accept, but actively search for the positive in every situation.

“Say everything you’ve always wanted.
Be not afraid of who you really are,
‘Cause in the end we have each other,
And that’s at least one thing worth living for,
And I would give the world to you”

Today is the Super Bowl, which is the end of the year for professional football, and yesterday was Candlemas, which is both the official end of the Christmas season (you’re supposed to burn your pine wreaths) and the day candles are blessed for the upcoming church year – endings and beginnings both. Later this month comes the Lunar New Year, and Mardi Gras.

“A million suns that shine upon me
A million eyes – you are the brightest blue
Lets tear the walls down that divide us
And build a statue strong enough for two,

I pass it back to you
And I will wait for you,
‘Cause I would give the world
And I would give the world
And I would give the world to you”

You may have celebrated the turn of the calendar year back in January. You may be participating in one of the celebrations I mentioned above. In my reality, every day is the beginning of a new year, and in this year, I plan to make a greater effort to write from my heart and soul, to do more with my audio projects, to sing, dance, laugh, play and breathe more, and to be more intentional in the way I interact with the world.

Y’all are invited to join me, if you like.

“This is the new year
A new beginning
You made a promise
You are the brightest
We are the voices
This is the new year
We are the voices
This is the new year”

Song lyrics are “This is the New Year,” by Ian Axel.

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One Response to “Sunday Brunch: This is the New Year”

  1. Susan Fogel 03. Feb, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    This is a New Year, I am going to sew with my leg in a cast, and start fulfilling the promise I made to sew all of my clothes for a year.
    What a lovely, inspiring post.