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If you’re a fan of the One Calorie Breath Mints Tic Tacs, Kate Kelton may look familiar.  This Canadian Actress served as the first brunette Tic Tac Girl for almost a decade.  But Kate Kelton is much more than fresh breath.  She’s an accomplished painter and an actress.  You may have seen her in  Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, and Suitemates.

On August 16 and 17, you can see Kate as she stars in the new IFC series Bullet in the Face, starring opposite Eddie Lizard, Eric Roberts and Max Williams.  All Things Girl recently talked with her and found her delightful and quite funny.

Some of our readers may recognize your face or your name, but tell us more about Kate Kelton?

I grew up traveling around Europe in a VW van that had flowers painted on it, so I suspect with a childhood like that it was inevitable that I turned out to be an actor and painter.
What was your first paid acting gig? How did you celebrate that important milestone?

I think it was a non-union buyout for five grand for a Pampers TV commercial, and I used the money to travel through Costa Rico with a friend of mine from university (film school).
How was it being the “face” of a popular product like Tic Tacs.

I really, really enjoyed it.  Probably even more than I ought to have? ha Very likely. ;-}

Tell us about the evolution of Kate from Harold & Kumar go to White Castle to where you are in your career today?

We shot that movie in Canada, and I moved to LA shortly afterwards, and sort of had to start all over again… So it feels good to be booking fun work again after the (fairly inevitable) dry spell many Canucks face when re-establishing themselves abroad ;-}

You are in the new IFC series Bullet in the Face.  Tell us about the series.

It’s a madcap romp through the mind of creator Alan Spencer, a “pulp comedy” that’s both absurdly comedic and action-filled. Sharp, witty, energetic and as visually stunning as any graphic novel.

And your character Martine?

Without giving too much away? Let’s just call her… layered.  She’s devious, driven and merciless. And she’s got killer style thanks to the exceptional Montreal wardrobe, make-up and hair teams!

Actors draw upon their own experiences.  What are the similarities – and differences between “Kate” and “Martine”?

I’d say we both stand up for women any chance we get, although she obviously uses far more bullets…

What have you learned from the more experienced actor like Eddie Izzard.

His comedic timing is so remarkable it will likely take me the rest of my life to ever catch up with him on that front, but I’m certainly going to spend the rest of my days trying!

What’s one thing about you that people may find surprising?

I’m a complete and raging goofball at heart.

What is the most challenging part of maintaining privacy in this digital age?  Do you feel you are sometimes too accessible to fans or not accessible enough?

I suspect any semblance of privacy on-line is merely an illusion in the first place. I probably err on the side of being too accessible, but I still have a ‘dumb phone’ for specifically that reason ~ I suspect if I were capable of being on-line every minute of the day I’d be absolutely intolerable.

What would a first date be like with you?

Shocking, when they realize just how much laughter I can pack into any ordinary conversation. My overuse of “LOL” or smiley faces online is only seen as excessive by those who don’t yet know me. :}

Is there a role model, mentor, or other person who helped you along the road to success? Is there someone you act as a mentor for?

For me, many of the actors who moved from Canada to LA helped me tremendously when I was trying to sort out how to get my own work visas, apartments, and the like, (case in point: Brooke D’Orsay who played my Battleshits cohort in H&K,) so I always pass that knowledge forward when I’m asked as well.

How do you stay in shape with a grueling filming schedule? Tell us about your workout routine and eating habits. What is your “go-to” meal?

I love hiking Runyan Canyon when I’m home in LA, so when I hit a gym on location, I jump on steeply angled treadmills and try to pretend I’m actually getting somewhere ;} I’m a big fan of using Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein Powder to make shakes with frozen fruit and unsweetened almond milk, since anything soy- or whey-based tends to wreak havoc with my skin.

What do you do during your downtime?

I “like” things on Facebook, “favorite” things on twitter, and of course, paint and draw any chance I get :}

If you weren’t an actor, what would you “be when you grow up” ?

A painter, though I’ve learned I really need both for maximum balance in my life. Making art is so solitary, while acting is completely communal, so they both serve pretty vital purposes for my sanity. :} But if NEITHER were an option for me, my next best guess would be becoming a Photographer :}

What are the “top five” songs on your Ipod?

Pretty much anything from Jack White, Rage Against The Machine,
Metric, Salif Keïta or Bob Marley :}

What other projects are you working on?  What’s on the horizon for Kate Kelton?

I’m just finishing up a wonderful guest arc on SyFy’s “Haven” right now. It’s been incredible shooting out here in Nova Scotia! The series is based on the short story ‘The Colorado Kid’ by Stephen King, and their third season starts airing Sept 21 in the US!

YOUR TURN: What one question have you never been asked, that you’d like to answer? (And what’s the answer to it?)

Ooh, I’ve never been asked THAT! So I took to social media to come up with some suggestions, and by far the funniest was, “What is the answer to life the universe and everything?” Which, of course, is,”42″… but my favourite (real) question was to describe my idea of the Perfect Day – so here goes: it starts, of course, with sleeping in, and then a wonderful (read: excessively caloric) breakfast at the Sunset Griddle, (my favourite being the “Poached Y Papas”, Eggs Benedict served on top of massive potato skins), followed by a trip to the beach with friends and a camera. We’ll play in the surf working off breakfast until the sun hits it’s pre-sunset “magic hour”, when we’ll slap on some lipstick and take great photos of each other pretending to be flawless swimsuit models. Then we’ll dry off and hit some seaside fish shack for dinner on the way home. This will be followed by a long evening of solitary photo-editing to ensure said ‘flawless’ swimsuit model-ness, (haha) and then posting those pics on social media, and “liking” what everyone thinks of them! My idea of the perfect day, indeed. :}

Find Kate on the web:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

Photo at the beach by Amy Arce.  Other photos by Sean Puglisi

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  1. Jushin 14. Aug, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    Super down to Earth actress. I had the pleasure of meeting her and she was a delight