Got Ink?

Just as Deb loves newsprint, I have a special affinity for the scratching of a pen across fine paper – the kind with a high linen content, and a texture designed to absorb real ink, not the gloppy stuff that oozes forth from cheap ballpoint pens.

For my thirteenth birthday, my mother and my aunt gave me a day in San Francisco, where we hit Tower Records, and also went to a stationery store where I was gifted with a very cool calligraphy set. I was already a fan of ink pens, but that set sparked my love of colorful ink and metal nibs that came in multiple sizes. I was specifically drawn to ink that came in peacock blue and a deep, chocolatey brown.

I don’t have the budget to invest in tons of fancy fountain pens, much as I’d love to, but I have a few that are special: a blue and green glass pen from Italy, an old wooden one an art teacher gave me, to remind me that writing is art, too, and a cheap plastic one that I’ve managed not to lose (probably because it’s cheap), but have had for twenty years.

Earlier this year, I happened across Richard Merritt on Twitter. He doesn’t just sell amazing writing implements, he actually MAKES them, and his work is beautiful and thoughtful. As of this moment, his webstore isn’t really open, but I strongly suggest you visit his blog anyway, just because he’s an all-around neat guy. I’ve got a pink pen on order from him, and I’m excited about it’s eventual arrival.

More recently, my husband fed my addiction, by bringing me this Chinese calligraphy set from Hong Kong. (I’d asked for a fake Rolex, but the shop he was looking in was busted before he could make a purchase, so he brought me something to remind me that even when I feel like a paid hack, I’m still a writer.)

Of course, now that I have this great set, and a new pen coming in the not-too-far future, I need to go shopping again…for paper.

Callifgraphy Set

One Response to “Got Ink?”

  1. Samara 27. Jun, 2008 at 10:51 am #

    What a beautiful set, Melissa. I have an obsession with pens, too. They don’t have to be expensive. They just have to write really well. I love the feel of a quality pen, the ink flowing freely onto the paper. I often say that the cheapie, throwaway pens stifle my creativity.

    In fact, I always carry my own pens.