Science Fiction Novel Appeals to Mainstream Audiences

Earth has been invaded and humans have become hosts to “The Souls”, who take over the minds of the human while leaving their body intactPurchase The Host. Out there, however, are those rebel humans: they are the survivors….

Melanie was one such survivor. She and her brother Jamie had been hiding, resisting being taken by a soul. While in hiding, she had also met another survivor – Jared – and in a tribute to the human spirit, they fell in love. While attempting to rescue her cousin, Melanie is captured.

The Wanderer is an experienced soul. She is called The Wanderer because of the many planets she has been to. She is the soul chosen to be placed in Melanie. The problem, though, is that The Wanderer isn’t able to shake the memories – or the hold – on Melanie’s mind. She is shaken, especially, with Melanie’s memories of Jared and Jeremy. The Wanderer begins a journey more dangerous to her than any previous journey – and sets out to find those that Melanie loves. The Wanderer, you see, has discovered that she loves them as well.

The Host is an amazingly well written story of journeys, love, sacrifice, survival, acceptance and the human spirit.

You can read an excerpt from The Host here and find out more about the author, Stephenie Meyer, who happens to be the ATG Covergirl.
Little, Brown and Company chose well by publishing The Host under it’s main fiction line instead of it’s science fiction imprint. The story The Host tells is universal and appealing to all, not just those who are interested in just the invasion of Earth by an alien lifeform.

Run, by the way, do not walk, to your local bookseller (or buy online for handy-dandy delivery) to pick up The Host.

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