Spring Fling

Ever since I was a little girl, spring has been my favorite season. When I was a little girl, I would eagerly look for the signs that the dreary days were truly going to become warmer and brighter.

St. Patrick’s Day was always one of the milestones. I would eagerly don an outfit with as much green as I could find without looking like a leprechaun. I remember the one year I forget….back in 3rd grade…believe me, I was crushed! Yes, I have a bright kelly green shirt ready before I venture out of the house tomorrow. Shortly following St. Patrick’s Day was always the first true day of Spring, March 21st. Growing up in Texas, it was often warm and breezy by then, though the warm days weren’t a guarantee that it wouldn’t be freezing the next day.

Spring was truly here in Texas when I saw the first red breasted robin.

I forget about it, to be honest, as I prepare for the seasons based on the dates of the calendar and whatever weather.com tells me the forecast is going to be. But then, a robin will appear…and my heart will tell me that sure enough, Spring is truly here. This year, it happened when I was in Joplin, Mo on March 12th. If I saw a robin in Missouri, it surely means they have made their way to Texas as well….

Spring is about the rebirth of life around me….fresh green and delicate blossoms….but that’s me…and I began to wonder, as I always do, about the memories of others. What does spring mean to you? Do you do any kind of spring cleaning, either literally or metaphorically speaking?


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