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Few women can really capture funny on screen, yet actress Jenn Harris seems to bring humor to the table as easily as a waitress brings ...

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Man of the Moment: Tim Ralphs
Man of the Moment: Tim Ralphs

Our first Man of the Moment of 2014 is perfect for a year inspired by Shakespeare: he’s a storyteller. While I’ve never had the pleasure of being in the same room where we was telling, I have been privileged to work with him on a couple of audio projects, and I can tell you that […]

Hunted, by Caitlin Johnson
Hunted, by Caitlin Johnson

He lifts the .22 at the first indication of movement, puts his right eye to the scope, sweeps his gaze through trees barren after autumn winds. She is there, a less statuesque specimen than he’d hoped to find but good for the kill. Unsuspecting, the doe wends between trunks, marveling at the crunch of leaves […]


Living Happier & Healthier Lives: Take Care of Yourself

What we fail to remember is that if we aren’t here, if we aren’t healthy, we can’t be there for the people we love.

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Conversations Over Coffee with Deborah Dorchak

When it comes to being an internet “oldie” like All Things Girl, I can’t help but be thrilled to introduce you to Deborah Dorchak, who has been writing on the web “forever”.  These days, Deb coaches, designs websites and is known as part of the team that writes amazing novels.  I have to say, Deb […]

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Sunday Brunch: Life Lessons from HIMYM

It’s been three weeks since the series finale of the long-running situation comedy How I Met Your Mother. Whatever your feelings were about that last episode, I think we can all agree that for any show, a nine-season run is pretty impressive, a combination of great writing, a cast that clicks, and not a little […]

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Logan Hardware Vinyl Shop by Michael Choi

The View from Here: Moments of Nostalgia

When I’m at a concert and those lights go up and the music begins to play, I’m that same little girl who loves music–and the stories behind each song.

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ATG Interview: Juliette Fairley

When it comes to exploring the issues of living, especially the challenges faced by bi-racial women, Juliette Fairley doesn’t flinch. She’s known as both an actress and writer for Juliette Fairley’s Diary of a Mulatto Bride ,  JF’s Diary of a Mulatto Bride and Diary of a Mulatto Episode 1 (2012). Recently, she put aside […]

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Habitation: Earning Your Stripes

Ticking, Grain Sack, Union Jack, Chevron, Herringbone…. Stripes have invaded my home and it isn’t a recent obsession, unfortunately. I’m drawn to buying striped shirts for myself and my boys. I love grain sack pillows and ticking stripe curtains. I SWOON over herringbone floors in historic homes on International House Hunters. Don’t you? But have […]

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Conversations Over Cocktails: Editor in Chief Debra Smouse

As an ongoing opportunity to really get to know the women behind the names you’ve seen here time and again, we continue our  Conversations Over Cocktails.  series with Editor-in-Chief Debra Smouse. Give us the 411: Who Are You? Where are you from? Where Do You Live? What are you passionate about? I’m Debra Smouse and […]

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visible city

Weekly Reader: Visible City, by Tova Mirvis

It was something else that made her want to press herself to the glass pane and move closer still. This woman was trying to let her know, I see you. I know you are there. In response, she wanted to reach her hand across and loosen the constraints of her own life as well. The […]

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Sunday Salon: Deep Cleansing Breath

As I write, a crisp breeze is blowing through the window above my desk, fluttering the curtains and ushering in a symphony of bird song. I’ve just returned from a long walk through the neighborhood with my two little dogs, and these days they can barely wait for me to finish breakfast before buckling on […]

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Budapest cafe inside

Gypsy Girl’s Guide to Budapest

I expected to love Prague. Everyone who’s been there sings its praises. Budapest took me by surprise. I had no idea I would love it so much. The sights, aromas, music and tastes dazzle the senses and transport the visitor to a different world. Budapest has modernized but it retains the charm of a historic […]

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Mighty Kymm’s Deep Cuts: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson has done it again. Now, these words will either fill you with dread or fill you with glee, it really depends on how you feel about a tiny, exquisite, dolls’ house of a movie. Me, I feel the glee, but I also understand how Wes Anderson isn’t everybody’s miniature, hand-painted cup of tea, […]

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call me back written on a post it

Living Happier & Healthier Lives: Follow Through is the New Black

Ever commit to an amazing project and then just drop it like it’s not hot at all? Or how about this: someone contacts you asking to collaborate but after a few email exchanges, they seem to disappear, never to be heard from again? Following through on promises and communication is so fundamental, yet so many […]

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The Last Original Wife

ATG Review: The Last Original Wife, by Dorothea Benton Frank

Who could I say really loved me? The love my husband and children professed looked like a lot of lip service to me now. They surely did not act like they loved me, and didn’t actions speak louder? And did I love myself? Maybe that was the problem. I had not worried enough about my […]

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Sunday Brunch: Chasing Ghosts

Yesterday evening, my husband and I set out on a forty-five-minute drive through some of the oldest parts of our town and the neighboring cities. He thought we were going to fetch our foster dog from an adoption fair, but my mission was slightly different. I was hunting ghosts. Well, I was hunting ghost signs. […]

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The View from Here: Journeys Not Taken

As we get further along on our journey, what once seemed like insurmountable obstacles begins to feel inconsequential. In the same way buildings, cars and people seem infinitesimal when viewed from a mountaintop, or the window of an ascending plane at night.

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Redford House portrait (2013)

Habitation: It’s Where the Heart Is

It’s been almost two years since my husband and I moved from the home we lived in for all 36 years of our marriage. My in-laws first purchased the 1/4 acre of land it stood on in 1942 and built the three bedroom brick ranch four years later, so for my husband, it was the […]

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Conversations Over Cocktails: Founder Lorissa Shepstone

All Things Girl has been in publication for thirteen years now. We’ve had ups and downs, but what makes it so amazing is the women behind it. We decided it was time that you had an opportunity to really get to know the faces behind the names you’ve seen here time and again. In the […]

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beauty cover

Weekly Reader: Beauty, by Frederick Dillen

She got where she got by facing up to who she was and what that meant about how much harder she had to work and how much longer she had to keep going and how much less she had to hope for even when she was hoping for everything. She didn’t have practice admitting heartbreak […]

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