All Things Girl

Oh! The joys of the internet! It has allowed us to connect to so many wonderful people over the years here at All Things Girl.

We are ever grateful for the many women we had the opportunity to meet during the last decade.

Sadly, the Internet has also ushered in aggressive hackers and hacker-bots, seeking space within established websites in order capture passwords and emails and other such nonsense.

All Things Girl has been hit with four of these attacks in the last six months. Unfortunately, we lost all of our archives. And, when we began to rebuild the site, we were hit by another round of hacker bots.

As much as we all love All Things Girl, none of the staff has the time to re-build the site yet again due to work obligations and creative pursuits.

All Things Girl will be on hiatus until January 2016.

Sometime in late 2015, we will make some decisions about All Things Girl in 2016 and beyond. In the meantime, please continue to connect with us over at Facebook. You may also connect with staff members: Thank you again. And know that we are ever grateful for your presence.